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We are committed to providing high-quality evidence-based health care for women and welcome anyone seeking advice on women’s health issues.  Our advice and care may include other referrals to other providers of healthcare, e.g. psychologists, physiotherapists or dieticians.  

We have a particular focus on menopause. Menopause has happened, is happening, or will happen to every woman. The impact of menopause is individual and we will discuss your needs within the context in which you live.

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Myma Health operates by appointment only. Please book an appointment according to your requirements.

For new patients, our standard initial appointment is a 45-60 minute consultation.

Follow-up appointments are typically 15-30 minutes long.

We offer longer appointments for special procedures, complex care and multiple issues. If you think you may need a longer appointment, please email us.

Fees are payable online and we will ask for your debit or credit card details when you make an appointment.

Please inform us as early as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment. A 50% cancellation fee will apply if the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment, and 100% if you cancel with less than 2 hours notice.

Our standard initial appointment is an initial 45-60 minute consultation. Follow-up appointments are typically 15-30 minutes long.

New patients will receive an SMS link to a new patient form prior to your first appointment asking for information including contact details and Medicare number. Completing this form prior to your appointment will save time during the consultation.

We aim to avoid unnecessary testing. Please bring with you copies of any imaging or blood tests you have had in the past year. If you do not have copies, please let us know on the new patient form which provider you used for recent tests so we can source the reports before you attend.

Results in electronic format are preferable, but we are able to scan hard copies of test results if soft copy is not available.

For patients unable to attend in person, we offer Telehealth consultations by video.

Telehealth does not attract a Medicare rebate unless we have seen you face-to-face in the previous 12 months.

We charge fees based on actual appointment time, not booked time.

The table indicates below the fees from 1 July 2023 for a range of typical appointment lengths and the Medicare rebate (if applicable).

Appointment lengthFeeMedicare rebate*Fee after rebate fee
15 minutes                $120.00                  $41.20                $78.80
30 minutes                $240.00                  $79.70                $160.30
45 minutes                 $360.00                $117.40                $242.60
60 minutes                 $480.00              Level E rebate TBC                TBC

Please contact us for information about IUD and Implanon insertion and removal fees.

* Telehealth does not attract a Medicare rebate unless we have seen you face-to-face in the previous 12 months.

Our practice uses SMS for appointment reminders, links to patient forms, recalls and eScripts.

Where a GP determines that it is clinically safe and a face-to-face consultation is not possible, our clinicians can provide patients with timely advice or information related to their clinical care by video or telephone.

It is our policy not to provide patient consultations via email, SMS or social media. If medical advice is required, please make an appointment.

Test results will often require an appointment with your doctor. Please discuss with your doctor whether a follow-up appointment is required.

If you have not returned to discuss your test results, and your doctor wishes to speak with you about non-urgent test results, you will receive an SMS reminder asking you to make an appointment. For any urgent test results, a staff member will contact you directly to make an appointment.

Where a GP determines that it is clinically safe and that a follow-up consultation is not required, results may be sent by email. Test results cannot be given over the phone by our reception staff. It is our practice policy that only clinical staff are permitted to release results.

Our clinicians and staff endeavour to provide high-quality service for our patients. If you have any feedback, suggestions or concerns with any aspect of our care, please discuss these with your doctor, email us on, or complete the form below:

Send your Feedback / Suggestions

    If your complaint cannot be resolved within the practice, you may wish to contact the NSW Healthcare Complaints Commission (

    The Privacy Act 1988 (the Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) govern the handling of personal information by all private health service providers.

    All patient medical records are kept strictly confidential and are only available to your treating doctor.

    Your medical information is password protected. Access to our practice management system is not available to organisations outside the practice. Patient information will not be disclosed to any third party without prior written consent from the patient.

    The Act allows patients to access the content of their medical record by arrangement with the practice.

    A copy of our full privacy policy is available on request.

    Research is crucial to building an evidence base for clinical practice. Should we become involved in any research project in the future, the use of patient data will be subject to the values and principles of the National Health Medical Research Council’s ‘National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research’. No identifiable patient data will be used for research without your written consent.

    We are a training practice and may have GP Registrars and medical students in the practice on occasion. We will seek consent on an individual basis for their attendance at your consultation.